1. Quickening ( avaris / level 99 ) Faraway Promises
  2. Of Sea and Fire ( ziwtra ) Bonds of Sea and Fire
  3. Shattered Dreams ( the leviathan ) Shattering of the Dream Egg
  4. Cybernetic Love ( prometheus ) Lost... Broken Shards
  5. When the Smoke Clears ( geoffrey taucer ) The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
  6. Ship of Emotion and Song ( vampire hunter dan ) Flight, Emotions, The Ship of Regret and Sleep
  7. Take Flight ( pocketman ) Wings
  8. The Last Fatima ( avaris ) Aveh, the Ancient Dance
  9. Echoes ( fishy ) Shebat: the Wind is Calling
  10. My Child ( abadoss / dragonavenger / nutritious ) In a Dark Sleep
  11. The Treasure That Must be Seduced ( roetaka ) The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
  12. In Joy and Sorrow ( oinkness ) The Sky the Clouds, And You
  13. New Day ( ziwtra ) Singing of the Gentle Wind / Flight
  14. Welcome to the Human Race ( john revoredo / paul weaps ) Stage of Death
  15. First Meeting - The Shadowed Forest ( jormungand ) Forest of the Black Moon
  16. Akkadia Rising (Solo Sax Edit) ( the prophet of mephisto ) Awakening
  17. A Trace of Tears ( joren de bruin / dragonavenger / oa ) Stars of Tears
  1. Zeno Paradox ( e-bison ) The Light from the Netherworlds
  2. Daijiru (Too Hot for Clothes) ( another soundscape / avaris ) Daijiru: City of Burning Sands
  3. Crash / Restore ( ziwtra ) Emotions
  4. Dreamscape ( nutritious ) Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong
  5. Wounded Soldier ( kira of trance ) The Wounded Shall Advance to the Light
  6. Smooth Criminals ( the vagrance ) Invasion
  7. Sleeper Dreamer ( siamey ) Back to Sleep
  8. Omen (R3 Mix) ( r3forged ) Omen
  9. Akkadia Rising ( avaris / the prophet of mephisto ) Awakening
  10. Devil Fire ( roetaka ) Knight of Fire
  11. Binary Chain ( wintermute / troy lawlor ) Bonds of Sea and Fire
  12. October Rain ( avaris / nutritious / skrypnyk / oa ) June Mermaid
  13. Lacan Divided ( nathan rich ) Graaf, Emperor of Darkness
  14. Dogma ( about:blank ) One Who Bears Fangs at God
  15. Defective ( avaris / blue magic ) The One Who Is Torn Apart
  16. Shit on Citan ( chipp damage ) Tamasu Man of the Sea

About Humans + Gears

Welcome to the official homepage of the OverClocked ReMix Site Project, Humans and Gears. The album is an arrangement of the soundtrack for the classic RPG Xenogears. Many artists from the video game arrangement community have come together to create this album. The original soundtrack is by legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda. With impeccable work ethic and a sense for melody and texture he created one of the most emotional soundtracks of all time.

Humans and Gears was a lengthy undertaking. The project began in the summer of 2006. Many Xenogears arrangement albums have been released in the past. The albums tries to re-envision the soundtrack in a new yet familiar way. We set out to create two unique albums in one. The first album features songs with a focus on natural elements and a "Human" touch. The second album is dark in tone and electronic in texture, symbolising the fear and destruction of "Gears." Artists were given complete creative freedom to express and reimagine the game in a new sonic format. We hope the listeners relive part of the amazing story and music that is Xenogears through this album. Thank you to all of the artists for your hard work and relentless dedication towards completion of this wonderful project.

Welcome to Humans and Gears, and enjoy the journey... again!



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yasunori mitsuda

Yasunori Mitsuda (1972-) is a Japanese video game music composer, sound programmer and musician. He is best known for his work with composing video games such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Xenogears, Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, and Mario Party.

"With Xenogears, I wanted to bring in some aspect of music that no composers had really dealt with before. I'm a really big fan of the singer Joanne Hogg from the band called Iona, from Ireland, and I really tried to bring a lot of Ireland into the Xenogears setting"



Faraway Promises
We wanted to capture the somber yet hopeful feel of the original track in this arrangement. We approached the mix by trying to incorporate feelings of longing and hope. In order to achieve this we crafted a simple yet powerful ambient piece featuring acoustic guitar by Level 99.avaris / level 99

Of Sea and Fire

Bonds of Sea and Fire
A band meets in a garage to perform 'Bonds of Sea and Fire' for themselves.ziwtra

Shattered Dreams

Shattering of the Dream Egg
I was extremely excited when the Leviathan chose this source. His style and attention to enhancing the emotional content of songs is not to be missed. The ethnic/orchestral stylings add a new layer of texture to this quant love affair of a piece.avaris

Cybernetic Love

Lost... Broken Shards
Prometheus weaves a groovy track out of one of the most recognizable tracks from the game. The upbeat elements combined with subtle orchestral stylings help take this source tune in a new direction. This track carries a profound meaning towards the game with its use of an eclectic yet powerful voice sample for its final section.avaris

When the Smoke Clears

The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
This mix is a very emotional one for me, and I think the story behind it is worth telling. As most (if not all) of you know, I coach gymnastics. It's far more than a job to me; the gym is my home, the kids I coach are my family. Back in October of '06, a hazmat plant next door to the gym exploded, and much of the town was blanketed in toxic fumes. For three terrifying days, I had no way of knowing if my kids were ok, and no way of contacting them to find out. That weekend, my girls had a competition at another gym. At that point, most of them had been forced to evacuate their homes, and didn't know when they'd be able to go back. That meet was the first I saw of them after the explosion, and I think seeing them all there made me more relieved than I'd ever been about anything in my life. The fact that, in spite of all that had happened, they still showed up, still came together, and on top of it all performed beautifully, made me more proud of them than I can ever describe. Their perseverance and dedication in spite of the explosion were absolutely inspiring. I started on this track when I got home from that meet. It was awhile later before I actually got to recording it or posting it anywhere, but it has still been driven by that original inspiration all the way. This song is dedicated to my kids, whom I love more than anything.geoffrey taucer

Ship of Emotion and Song

Flight, Emotions, The Ship of Regret and Sleep
This arrangement was basically a grandiose version of my longtime dream of paying homage to 'Ship of Regret and Sleep' and 'Flight,' to me two of the most beautiful pieces of VGM in history. 'Flight' in particular always had huge orchestral potential in my head, and this 'medley' gave me a chance to finally put it all together. I was especially inspired - more than I'd expected to be - by 'Emotions' once the midway point in the arrangement passes (just before we take 'Flight'), and I hope every listener can feel what I felt as I slowly put that extremely challenging but rewarding section together.vampire hunter dan

Take Flight

POCKETMAN was one of the first remixers on the project. He provided a short but sweet rendition of this classic theme. The pacing and arrangement align themselves with the images the source tune so often conjures throughout the game.avaris

The Last Fatima

Aveh, the Ancient Dance
This track was heavily inspired by the 'Last of the Mohicans' soundtrack and theme. It features traditional and ethnic instruments from almost every geographical location on the planet.avaris


Shebat: the Wind is Calling
Echoes was inspired by cheesy 80s guitar ballads, in particular a song called Echo by Joe Satriani. It uses a few different time signature's including a fun legato solo in 5/4. The drums were made using my dads real 80s drum machine for that authentic cheese sound. Enjoy!fishy

My Child

In a Dark Sleep
A mother sings to soothe her child, who she knows will not survive the night. All she wants is for her child to pass away free of fear. This is that bittersweet lulluby that she might have sung.avaris

The Treasure That Must be Seduced

The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
I originally made this in the beginning of 2008 for a friend that wanted a love style remix of the original for his girl. The original song was lovely and I wanted to extend the track and build on it to make a moving orchestration with some rhythmic guitar and EP to build on that emotion. I believe I achieved that whilst capturing the original song's feeling. The soft strings, soothing flute and light textures bring the feeling of two people's love and their hopes and dreams.roetaka

In Joy and Sorrow

The Sky the Clouds, And You
A couple weeks in my living room with a few experimental whims brought this song to fruition. The moment I heard the source, I knew what to do! It was one of those rare occurrences.oinkness

New Day

Singing of the Gentle Wind / Flight
What I wanted to capture was an unstoppable forward momentum.ziwtra

Welcome to the Human Race

Stage of Death
John and Paul teamed up to create a riveting yet thought provoking mix dealing with themes close to the game's heart. With some excellent guitar and orchestral work, John topped it off with his staple use of voices to add a personal touch to the song.avaris

First Meeting - The Shadowed Forest

Forest of the Black Moon
Fei and Elly meet for the first time in their era in the dark woods outside Lahan. The circumstances of this meeting are unfortunately tragic, and one can't help but wonder if their destiny is drawing on the sorrow surrounding the fates of their previous incarnations: ten millenia ago when Elly stood in Cain's way to protect Abel; four thousand years ago when Elly barred passage to Kim and their daughter during Miang's invasion; and a mere 500 years past when Sophia sacrificed herself to end the war despite Lacan's pleading. What now awaits these two souls in the era of their final meeting?jormungand

Akkadia Rising (Solo Sax Edit)

This is a slightly remastered version of The Prophet of Mephisto's saxaphone work on the Akkadia Rising track for the GEARS album. Some of the original FX, such as distortion and flange, were kept to provide a gritty trip-hop feel. This is a sublime atmospheric take on Awakening that is not to be missed.avaris

A Trace of Tears

Stars of Tears
Joren originally set out to create a groovy little trip-hop track with rock influences. DA added her excellent vocals over his hypnotic background creating a wonderful blend of musical stylings. To top it all off OA put some spit shine on the mix with an excellent guitar solo, while helping to tie various elements of the track together.avaris

Zeno Paradox

The Light from the Netherworlds
By the time I was asked to do this project most of the straightforward themes had been snapped up, which was a good thing because I ended up working with something I wouldn't have chosen on my own. A Light from the Netherworld was created for the games intro sequence and acts as an overture, touching on many of the game's prominent themes and textures. I picked some of my favorite themes, added some others and did a fairly liberal interpretation of the materials. Despite the changes and additions, the spirit of the track draws heavily from the Xenogears palette.e-bison

Daijiru (Too Hot for Clothes)

Daijiru: City of Burning Sands
Another Soundscape: When it's hot, it's hot. Tweaked out ethno beats together with one of the soundtracks most memorable melodies.
Avaris: Like he said, glitched out percussion. :)another soundscape

Crash / Restore

This track is a record of my growing understanding of the original source 'Emotions'. I lost progress on this track several times to hard drive failure and file corruption, and each rewrite pushed it in a slightly different direction. The final section is not a direct interpretation of the source but instead tries to capture a 'missing' third section to a song left unresolved.ziwtra


Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong
Dreamscape is actually a mix that's been completed for some time before the album released. I was originally planning to arrange the track in an orchestral style, however, around the same time I requested to claim the track for the Humans disc, someone else beat me to the punch. Avaris suggested I try remixing the track for the more electronic Gears track. Having never done a real full-length electronic track before, it was a stretch for me. I still couldn't help adding a couple more 'natural' instruments in there, but overall it was a much more synthetic feel than anything I'd done up to that point.nutritious

Wounded Soldier

The Wounded Shall Advance to the Light
'Wounded Solder' is a story about a solder back from the war who seeks refuge. This story is about how he stumble into a bar and finds the help he needs. All this in song form by the way.kira of trance

Smooth Criminals

I kinda did this track for fun without even thinking of the project, just mimicking the Ed Banger style that was big a year or two back, but I eventually dug the idea enough to turn it into a full track. I focused primarily on using audio samples not only from the game but other random sources and then just added a little bit of synthesis to round out the mix. I hope you enjoy this now fairly old mix!the vagrance

Sleeper Dreamer

Back to Sleep
So I took the sleep theme, and spread it out to about double the length. After listening to some midis that people had made of it to get some different takes on it, I decide to add some flutey stringy melody over top. Then I trucked in the Nord Pad, which I gated in the first and last parts of the song, and fleshed out the rest with synths running choppy trance patterns like I like. I like to think of the characters living in this crazy different world of robots and all and then going to sleep and having these awesome relaxing but exciting dreams where they are whisked away to other fantastic worlds as kind of a break from their reality.siamey

Omen (R3 Mix)

Starting with EDM, then shifting to Electro House, and finally ending with Akira Toriyama. This song has been carefully composed using excessive distortion and conscious stretching of the human ear's potential to give the listener the experience I had when I first heard the original. I hope the listener feels the intense sorrow that the original portrayed. I try to express this through an instrumental struggle with glitches and such.r3forged

Akkadia Rising

Avaris: The mix's title refers to Akkadia; or in other terms Babylon. I wanted to coin the mix with a title that symbolized a dark and destined past. This track was inspired by the Prophet of Mephisto's incredible talent on the saxophone. The track was composed and constructed to allow for a lengthy saxophone solo to perform the complex melody from the source tune.
The Prophet of Mephisto: We discussed back and forth about the direction the track took, with Avaris doing the mixing and me suggesting ideas for where the track was going. Once Avaris had a relatively finalized mix, I sat down and recorded on my tenor. I did a lot of fooling around until I got something I liked, and Avaris did some awesome effecting to my instrument to make it fit into the texture more.avaris / the prophet of mephisto

Devil Fire

Knight of Fire
I set myself a challenge as I only had about a day to do this. This song has a cool little melody in it which I thought would sound great remixed as a rocking electronic mix, my main thoughts were to blend my style and orchestration elements into a Devil May Cry style battle theme. It was tough to get the sound and feel of the guitars as real as I was able to but I'm pretty pleased and convinced by it. I opted to leave out the last section of the original because I wanted the beat and progression to be consistent. The high energy and pace is relentless to an ending that yearns for a continuation.roetaka

Binary Chain

Bonds of Sea and Fire
Binary Chain took many forms before it settled into its final boss mode you hear before you. The track really started to mature when I asked Troy to work up some demo percussion, and his take on the meter of this song was quite inspiring to me. In the end, it was an exploration of how two artists working side by side could create a harmony that would reflect the dual nature of 'Bonds of Sea and Fire.'wintermute

October Rain

June Mermaid
This track was heavily inspired by the dark and depressing autumn days of southern new england. This imagery helped me to create this down tempo opus to play on the dark undertones and chords of the original source tune. Nutritious wrote string parts for the re-arranged chords. OA performed guitar, Skrypnyk composed the drums and created some sequenced guitar. I cannot thank these three individuals enough for their contributions to help make this track reality!avaris

Lacan Divided

Graaf, Emperor of Darkness
I went through a couple demos and creative blocks while producing 'Lacan Divided' and I remember it didn't come together completely until I got wind of the project deadline. It's a pretty dark and industrial track with counteracting peaks and valleys to keep it interesting, and although I'm unhappy with some arrangement decisions, I think it pays tribute to grahf fairly well.nathan rich


One Who Bears Fangs at God
My initial intent here was for a really industrial-esque, lo-fi, gritty rendition of the original (especially since this is going on the Gears disc). It took me forever to come up with the idea for this mix, I had a lot of bad ones, all of which I had to scrap. So, after a lot of programs crashing, patience (i.e. frustration), and about 10 gallons of coffee, this is what I came up with, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.about:blank


The One Who Is Torn Apart
Blue Magic and I worked on this track over a period of a few months constantly adding new ideas. We wanted to incorporate orchestral writings with synths and glutted out percussion elements.avaris

Shit on Citan

Tamasu Man of the Sea
Chipp delivers a hard hitting metal track with comical influences. This track pays no heed to the term 'curses like a sailor.'avaris